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1. I want more information on a topic. What should I do?
Please use "Search" .  

Please read Mental Health info7  (is this a page?  If yes, hyperlink)
2. I have gone through your Mental Health Information and found some information, but I want more information, what should I do?
Although we have extensive content,  it is quite possible that the specific information you seek is not available, or is not enough.  In such as case, please use Q and A forum

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1. Why should I register?
Registration is simple, and free.  Registered users have access to advanced functionality like use of Q&A forums, which unregistered users do not have.  Registration also helps us understand you better, and be able to offer you with services that are relevant to you.  Registration also contains information which is critical to be known to the Doctor, whom you may choose to consult.  We respect your privacy.  For the manner in which the  information you provide is used, please refer to privacy policy.

2. Why do you ask for so much of information?
We ask only that information which is absolutely required. On this site, you can seek and avail of medical treatment.  Like any other doctor you consult, your doctor on MiMO too needs to know about your condition, past history, allergies, etc so that he can treat you effectively.    To understand how the information provided by you is  used see our privacy policy
3. How do you validate that the information I provide is correct?
We cannot, and we do not validate any information you provide, except your email id at the time of registration.  Therefore, you alone are responsible for the accuracy of information you provide and also for the consequences of providing any incorrect or incomplete information.  For more details, please refer to terms of use.

4. I am sharing a lot of personal and private data. How safe is my data?
We ask only that information which is absolutely required. We take all reasonable precautions to ensure that your data is safe with us, and is private.  We have strong processes that restrict access to your data to only people who need to know (like your doctor).   Access can be only under authorization (for example, a doctor who does not treat you may not have access to your information if such access is not required).  For full information on who can access your information and how, please read our Privacy Policy.  All data is kept electronically on various servers and networks.  Normal risks of internet and computer networks apply to your data as well.  For more information on such risks and disclaimers, please read Terms of use.

5. Can I ask my brother / sister / parent / spouse to login on my behalf?
Your registration and login credentials (email id, password) are yours alone.  They cannot be transferred to anyone.  To ensure that your data is secure, private, and confidential, and also to ensure that there is no misuse of your login (for example prohibited postings in Q&A forum by someone else under your login), we prohibit sharing of your login id and password with anyone.  Since registration is free, please encourage everyone else also to register and get their own username and passwords.  Please note that the terms of use specifically prohibit you from sharing your passwords, and doing so may expose you to being suspended or your account being deleted.  Also, please note that at any time, you and you alone will be held responsible for the consequences of all actions done under your login.  For more details, please read terms of use
6. Someone I care for has a serious mental condition – can he register in his own name?
Yes.  But there are some exceptions.  Children below 18 (or below the legal age to contract) may not register, and on their behalf a parent should register in his / her own name.  If the condition is very serious then this website may not be the solution – this website is for NON EMERGENCY USE ONLY.  Our doctors would refuse to treat a person, whose condition warrants immediate or emergency treatment, or who presents a danger to himself or others, or if the doctor determines that treating a  person on the website is not in his best interests or in the best interests of MiMO.  Depending on the medical condition of the person seeking medical help. to ensure the safetyof the person, our doctors may mandate that the person seeking consultation should be accompanied by another adult person who is not receiving any mental health treatment.
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1. How can I book an email consultation?
-Select a doctor you want to consult or from whom you wish to get a response.
-Pay for email Consultation (single or Package) Payment options currently available are 
-Send in your questions

You will receive an answer within
2. In email consultation, how long will it take for the doctor I chose to reply to my email?
You will get a reply within 48 hrs from the time you post your question on the website.  Our Associates will be notified in the unlikely event you do not receive a response even after 40 hrs.  This in turn helps our Associates to liaise with the concerned Doctor and make sure that you get the reply within 48 hrs.  If you don’t get the response as promised within 48 hours, we will refund your money, making this consultation free.  
 and give you another consultation free of cost for breaking our promise
3. Can I email another follow up question on receiving the reply from the Doctor?
No.  Therefore,  please write as many questions as you want, as specifically as possible pin-pointing what you want to know.
4. Can I book another follow up email consultation?
All email consults are on-time full consults.  No follow ups are permitted.  Consultation by emails are mostly suited for follow up clarification or monitoring or your health after you have had a video consultation.  A video consultation gives you time to ask as many questions as possible in the  60/30 minutes time allocated for you and your quality of interaction is much better.
5. I am booking a video consultation for the first time. The system does not permit me to book a 30-minute consultation - why?
We firmly believe that a full 60-minute consultation is absolutely needed for a full psychiatric evaluation, obtaining history for quality assessment, and recommend the next course of action.  You will be able to book 30-minute consultations for only second opinion or clarification of doubts and not for a full diagnostic / treatment consultation.
6. I am booking a video consultation. The system does not permit me to book a 30-minute consultation - why?
You will be able to book 30-minute initial consultations for follow up consultations and not for a an Initial consultation.
7. Your terms and conditions says that my "video consultation may be recorded". Who will have access to that recording?

The recording of video consultation is done for the purpose of keeping a full record of the consultation since this is a virtual consultation. This feature will be activated soon and is NOT available now. And so we are NOT recording the consultation now. You can also have a copy of that video recording from the website from that date for your records. This facility will be available securely on the website for 7 days from the date of consultation, free of charge. If you want a copy sent to you after 7 days for any reason, you have to request in writing and pay us the relevant fee.. 

Apart from you, your video may be accessed only as follows

1. By your doctor whom you consulted – full access
2. MiMO CTO(Chief Technology Officer) – only the date, time, duration, size of the file, and format details, but not the video itself.
3. The Clinical Head (CH) - Head Psychiatrist, who controls all other Psychiatrists from a clinical standpoint) – full access
4. Clinical Governance Group ( a core group of clinicians who are responsible for quality assurance, and  audit a Doctor’s performance) – full access. 

MiMO has elaborate controls to restrict such access on a strict need basis.  Whenever an eligible authority from the above list accesses a video, the system automatically triggers an alert to the remaining three.  For example, if the CH accesses a video, your own Doctor, the CTO, and the CGG are alerted of the access, and the documented reason for accessing the video.  You will also be sent a email automatically with the same details, to the email id in your profile.
8. Is the entire consultation recorded?
Yes.  At the present moment, due to limitations of available technology, we are not able to record both the video screens (yours and your consultant’s) simultaneously.  Therefore, we have chosen to record the video as visible to the Doctor and the audio of both you and your doctor.  This means that you will be visible in the video, but not your doctor.  This is not a cause for worry, because his/her identity is automatically recorded in the consultation as well as the entire audio of the Doctor is available, together with yours.
9. Is there a possibility that your technical staff can monitor the consultation whilst it is in progress?
​No.  Although theoretically, it is technically feasible, we have chosen not to even integrate or develop that functionality and that we will never develop or implement it. Your consultation is absolutely private to you and your doctor except for the above permissible accesses and limitations.
10. How long will my data be stored?
Your medical records will be stored and retained as long as a patient record is mandated to be stored as per applicable laws in the Republic of India.  Upon expiry of the term, the records will be destroyed in a tightly controlled and supervised manner.
11. Can I extend my consultation?
The facility to extend is not available.
12. Can I have a copy of the doctor's notes about diagnosis/impression and the medication and other advice given?
Yes!  You will have an automatic e-Prescription (either for medicines or for other advice given) mailed to you with the above details shortly (usually within 30 minutes of the consultation, but may take longer based on the case).
13. Will I have access to my e-Prescriptions on the website to download or print at a later stage?
14. I want to complain about the consultation. What should I do?
All complaints should be addressed directly to the CEO  or emailing You may also report your complaints by using the Feedback form available on the “contact us” page.  If you choose the topic as “complaint against consultation”, your feedback is routed to both the CH and to the CEO.
15. I want to give feedback about my consultation what do I do?
Please use the automated feedback that appears at the end of your consultation to provide this feedback. This is the only way for providing feedback on paid consultations during the introductory period.  Soon, we will enable the functionality with which you can give a feedback within upto 7 days of the consultation by logging into your account.
16. My doctor is refusing to give me a prescription till I get a physical examination done by another doctor and uploading the certificate. Why is this being insisted upon?
All our Doctors are trained to exhibit the highest standards of professionalism and care.  In this branch of healthcare, medicines are prescribed with utmost caution.  There are symptoms which could be a result of several psychiatric or non-psychiatric physical conditions, the treatment of which are grossly different.  For example, infection (physical problems) my cause confusion in elderly people, which may seem like dementia/delirium (psychiatric problems), or anemia and hypothyroidism (physical problems) may seem like symptoms of depression (psychiatric problems) etc.  Your Doctors would like to rule out physical conditions, before giving you a prescription.  This is a globally accepted best practice in psychiatric treatment.
17. My doctor refuses to give me a prescription without some "basic lab tests" to be done, and results uploaded. Is this really necessary? I don’t want to spend the additional money for tests.
If your Doctor has determined the need for some tests, they are mandatory.  All our Doctors are trained to exhibit the highest standards of professionalism and care.  In this branch of healthcare, medicines are prescribed with utmost caution.  There are symptoms which could be a result of several psychiatric or non-psychiatric physical conditions, the treatment of which are grossly different.  For example, infection (physical problems) my cause confusion in elderly people, which may seem like dementia/delirium (psychiatric problems), or anemia and hypothyroidism (physical problems) may seem like symptoms of depression (psychiatric problems) etc.  Your Doctors would like to rule out physical conditions, before giving you a prescription.  This is a globally accepted best practice in psychiatric treatment.

You of course have the choice of consulting another doctor for second opinion.

18. I still think that the tests / physical examination by another doctor are unnecessary referrals and so I want treatment without those.
We can consider your request, but for us to consider, you will have to specifically write a reason why you are refusing the Doctor’s advice, and also give us a specific undertaking that you take all the resultant risks on the prescribed form and press the submit button .  EVEN THEN, YOUR DOCTOR IS THE FINAL AUTHORITY TO DECIDE IF HE/SHE WISHES TO GIVE THE PRESCRIPTION OR NOT, a decision that he alone can take given his assessment of your condition. MiMO cannot force him / her to do so.  You understand and acknowledge that the concerned Doctor is the final authority on this.
19. My Doctor refuses to give me a prescription even if I am willing to accept all consequences of not having tests / physical examination that he has recommended. What remedies do I have – can I claim a refund?
Yes, you can have a refund subject to refunds policy.
20. Why am I not allowed to contact or visit the doctor privately or getting his contact details so that I can see him at his clinic?
MiMO has been established with the objective of leveraging technology (internet, web applications, video, telecommunication, etc) to provide very high quality mental healthcare to people in need anywhere, anytime, at very affordable prices.  We can make this promise, and keep it up, by having a common platform for Doctors and our customers.  Being on the platform provides us with adequate treatment capacity, and benefits of volume.  Being on the platform also provides you with assured quality of service, a platform to escalate in case of complaints, a repository of your medical records, and a wide team of doctors and professionals to service you.  Therefore, we want all consultations via the website and platform only so that all get to benefit.  Our Doctors have expressly agreed not to see you / consult you / follow up with you outside of this platform. Should you elect or attempt to do so, it would be a clear violation of the terms of use.
21. But what if I need him / her to advice me urgently, for example in the night?
This platform SPECIFICALLY PROHIBITS YOU FROM SEEKING AND THE DOCTORS FROM PROVIDING EMERGENCY ADVICE OR DEALING WITH SITUATIONS WHICH NEED URGENT / NON PLANNED CONSULTATIONS. These are serious situations, and a web based mechanism is not the best course of treatment in such cases.  Any attempt to use the Platform in case of an emergency or an urgent situation is a violation of Terms of Use.  ANY BODY DOING SO WILL DO SO AT THEIR OWN RISK in addition to exposing themselves to various legal and punitive actions that MiMO can and will take.
22. Under what other conditions am I prohibited from seeking help on this platform?
Any situation in which the person seeking help is critical, or IS POSING A RISK OF HARM TO SELF OR OTHERS, or is in a condition that demands immediate or urgent medical attention.  All MiMO Consultants (doctors) and other professionals are advised not to carry on the consultation anymore, and they may terminate the consultation and mandate you to seek urgent competent medical care at your location.  In such cases THE COMPANY WILL REFUND THE ENTIRE FEE AUTOMATICALLY. MiMO does not accept any liabilities whatsoever in all cases, as is specifically stipulated in the Terms of Use which you have to accept before commencement of any service on the Platform.
23. What if I suddenly need my medical record in an emergency situation?
You need to make sure that at least one person in your family/friends know your log in details so that they can check your diagnosis and medication given. as long as your profile is active, your inbox will contain all these e prescriptions given to you for ever, unless you have deleted them wantonly. If you delete by mistake you can email the customer service and request that it be resent to you. This is free of charge.


24. Your professionals are expressing conflicting opinions on the question and answer forum. How do I know which is the right answer?
It is upto each individual professional to express their opinion and as long as they are done politely, we will not edit anything. It is left to you and your consultant to decide which advice to take. We provide a platform where the professionals can help screen / triage / inform people about psychiatry and make this less stigmatized and more accessible to people. We say that the best advice is that advice which is endorsed by national guidelines like NICE (National Institute of Clinical Health & Excellence) of UK and APA (American Psychiatrists Association) of USA. But purely based on a specific case, there may be situations when doctors would elect to deviate from such guidelines as well and it is upto the doctor / professional to decide when and why. The company has no role in this, and will not be able to help you choose between various professional opinions.

To help you make up your mind,  you may choose to have a specific consultation for your specific case with a doctor of your choice.  You may choose any doctor based on his qualifications or experience or affordability and seek his views.  Thereafter, if you wish, you may opt for a second opinion with another doctor.  
25. How do I know what the NICE/APA guidelines are?
Please type NICE guidelines or APA guidelines in a search engine like Google and you can read the patient versions of their guidelines. We are hoping to bring in brief summaries of these guidelines for your benefit, in local languages, as soon as possible.  Keep checking the website!
26. I am trying book an appointment and the pop up box says that the doctor is not registered in my country and that the consultation is only for advice. What does that mean?
MiMO, by virtue of being an internet enabled Platform is accessible world-wide.  We have a wide panel of Doctors from all over the world.  Medicine is a regulated profession worldwide, and each country has a mechanism of permitting doctors to deliver medical services in that country / region.   If you get a pop up saying the doctor of your choice is not registered in your country, it means that the doctor is not legally permitted to treat you. Therefore, it will not be legal for him / her to prescribe medicines or treatment to you in such a case.  You may still go ahead, completely and solely at your own risk, and consult the doctor who will then use the consultation only to educate / advice you about your probable diagnosis or to give an opinion for non treatment purposes or to clarify any doubts you may have. THE DOCTORS ARE EXPRESSLY INSTRUCTED NOT TO TREAT YOU IN SUCH CONDITIONS. MiMO or the consultant will not have any relationship with you with respect to such consultations if you still continue booking the appointment.
27. What do the qualifications of doctors like CCT, MRCPsych, DPM, DNB mean?
Please visit our "Qualifications and their meanings" page (coming soon) to know all about them. In some countries / locations it is common for professionals to use many initials after their name,  which represent both medical qualifications as well as membership to professional bodies / journals that may or may not be recognised in their own locations as valid qualifications.  It is your right to know what each initials / qualifications mean for you, and therefore, please spend some time in understanding them.
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1. Can I exchange one kind of consultation to another kind of consultation?
You cannot directly exchange or swap.  You may cancel a consultation (charges may apply - refer cancellation policy for details).
2. I have already booked an appointment with a doctor/health professional. Can I exchange it with another doctor/health professional?
Once you have booked a health care professional's time, the system automatically locks his time, and alerts the doctor/health care professional about that.   This creates a binding arrangement with the doctor that will be honoured by us, even if you do not take the consultation.  If we permitted changes to doctors then we would have to pay two doctors against billing you for one.  In order to keep our overheads and costs low, and therefore be able to bring you world class healthcare at affordable prices, we do not not permit a change in doctor.  You may however, reschedule an appointment / consultation (charges may apply, see rescheduling details).
3. I want to or I have bought a package of subscription for a year. Does that mean that I can use them for only one doctor/health care professional?
You have absolute freedom to choose whichever doctor/healthcare profession that you want for all the consultations that you have paid for. Please note that after you have booked a consultation with a doctor you cannot exchange it with another doctor/healthcare professional.  However, you can only reschedule it with the same doctor/health care professional, subjective to our rescheduling policy. So our advice for you is not to book all the consultations you have bought in one go, with one particular health care professional, in advance. Keep booking appointments with specific healthcare professional as per your actual need.
4. Can I exchange my subscriptions/consultations to that of my friend's or family members?
That is considered transfer of subscriptions/consultations. Unless explicitly stated as a feature in your subscriptions/consultations, they are not transferable, and therefore not permitted.
Cancellation and Refunds Policy Expand All | Collapse All
1. Can we cancel our subscription at any time?
Yes, and a cancellation charge will apply.  You can cancel any of your unused subscription package parts.  For each cancellation, a charge of of 15% will be levied for administration fee and bank charges, and deducted from the amount payable to you.  Individual consultations or appointments cannot be cancelled.  Some packages like the six pack cannot be cancelled.  You will be clearly notified before payment whether or not cancellations for your package are permitted.  For each cancellation of a package (that is permitted to be cancelled), the company will deduct 10% of the total package as administration charges in addition to the undiscounted price of the facilities that you have utilised already. This is because package prices are made more attractive because you purchase various services, and not just one.  If you choose to cancel a package after using just one service, it will be treated as though only that one service was purchased and not the package, and therefore no discounts while forming the package will be applicable.  For example, if your package was Rs 2500 and you have utilized one Initial Consultation which with undiscounted price of Rs 1200, but offered to you at Rs 900 in the package.  When you cancel you will receive Rs 2500 – Rs 1200 (undiscounted price of the service availed consultation) – Rs 375 (15% of the package price as administration fee and bank charges) = Rs 925 will be paid back as refund (see refunds for details of how we pay  the refunds).  This example is worked without considering any applicable taxes.  The actual amount refundable will be after considering all applicable taxes.
2. Can we cancel our appointments at any time?
NO you cannot, you can only reschedule your appointments, subject to our rescheduling policy, but cannot cancel an appointment that you have booked with a doctor/health professional.  If you do not take the appointment at a scheduled time, you lose the appointment as well as the money paid for it.
3. What is the difference between cancelling a subscription and cancelling an appointment?
Subscription is a collection of many consultations or other facilities we provide, for which you have paid in advance and have not chosen any specific doctor or health care provider in particular (though you may do so, if you wish). An appointment is a specific date and time that you have agreed to consult with a specific doctor/health care professional.

In view of our business model, we are not able to offer you cancellations of appointment but you can definitely cancel any/whole part of subscriptions that you have not used, subject to administrative and other charges as explained in our cancellation policy.
4. What if we have used any/some part of the subscription package?
If your package is a six pack package, you cannot cancel the package.  If you have used any/some part of the package and if you do not use the consultations, the package money will not be refunded.

If you have a Healthy Dozen package, then you can cancel the package at any time, even after you have used any/some part of the package. The company will deduct 15% of the Total package price as administration and bank charges in addition to the undiscounted / original prices of the components of the package you have used already, from the total price package and then refund you the money through your debit or credit card. We do not refund in cash even if you have paid in cash to buy the package.
5. How do I request a refund of my subscription?
You need to inform our customer service department, in writing, via email only (from your registered email id only) your decision to cancel the whole of unused or the remaining part of any used subscription. The customer service department will inform you within 7 working days, in writing, via email only, to your registered email only, acceptance of or rejection of your request to cancel the subscription, as per the cancellation Policy

You will then have to call our customer service department, via your registered mobile number only, and inform us about your bank account number, bank branch address including the IFSC code and send the same details, via email, from your registered email only, to our customer service department, if you had purchased the package using phone banking or net banking or cash payment, to enable refund after deduction of administration and bank charges.  

If you had purchased the package using debit or credit cards, then you do not need to give us any further details, we will refund the correct amount after retaining administration and bank charges,  straight to the card used, ONLY.
6. So, how long will it take to get my refund after submitting my account details to your customer service departments?
From the date of receiving your email (after talking to us on the phone and giving the same details) with details of your bank account etc as mentioned above, the company will aim to refund you within 28 days.

If you had used debit or credit cards, then the company will aim to refund you within 28 days of the email of acceptance of refund request, sent by our customer service department, to your registered email id.   We will inform you by email to your registered email id, when the refund has been made by us.

Please be aware that after the company authorizes and makes the refund, your bank or credit card company may take additional time to reflect the refund into your account.  You should check the time for this process with your Bank / Card issuer.
7. So, how come that I have to send my bank details to you twice, once on the phone and once on the email?
This is a security feature built in your own interest, to enable us to doubly confirm that nobody else is using your email id or phone alone, to refund a request off the company.
8. Can I request a refund to my bank account even if I had used debit or credit card to purchase the package?
No. Card purchases are refunded to the purchasing cards only.
9. Can I request refund to somebody else's bank account please?
No.  For security reasons, the bank account to be refunded with the refund amount should be on the name of the person on whose name the subscription package has been purchased, even if the purchase has been made through somebody else's bank account.
10. What if I had any complaints of the refund process or if I had any problems in refunding?
Please email your problems to customer service department, complaints department and the CEO (for details see contact us section), from your registered email id only. We will try and solve your problems. We always aim to be fair to our esteemed customer, as far as reasonably possible.
Anonymous User Policy & FAQs Expand All | Collapse All
1. What is anonymous mode and how can I use it?
Anonymous mode enables you to ask a question without disclosing your identity.  Normal questions display <give details eg name, email id, etc>.  However, if you choose anonymous mode, your <name data> is not displayed publicly.  Your data is still visible to <who can see, eg doctor> but others cannot see who has posted.  This functionality gives you privacy, and you may ask questions freely without being identified.  You can ask your questions anonymously by pressing the "post anonymously" button at the end of the question form.
2. When I post something anonymously, does it mean that nobody knows who I am?
It only means that the public forums you post are not able to identify who you are and therefore your confidentiality is maintained. However, it is possible for our staff to identify your anonymous post with your id with which you registered as a user.
3. Does that mean that If I post something sensitive and personal, then the IT staff or other company staff can and may, link those questions to me?
It is a technical possibility.  But under various processes, controls and measures of the company, its staff does not intentionally link user ids with anonymous posts.  Further, all employees of the company are bound by strict confidentiality agreements. We also keep a log of all the people accessing your confidential information, with the reasons for accessing your information etc so that any unauthorized or non-genuine attempts to link anonymous posts to identitities are trapped and dealt with appropriately.  In addition, moderators or administrators may also be able to identify you if you make any objectionable posts such as those prohibited under “terms of use”, Your privacy and confidentiality is important for us, and we have measures to ensure its safety.  But you must understand the associated risks of internet medium and technologies – see terms and conditions and privacy policy for our terms of use.
4. Why do you need to link the anonymous posts to a registered user at all? Why is there such a feasibility built into the system?
For the protection of users like yourselves, the wider public and for the protection of our employees and company. If somebody repeatedly keeps posting offensive or abusive or inappropriate content ( see terms of use ) on the forums, then we reserve the right and we will act, to ensure above mentioned protections. This may mean that we will delete the account of the person who does this repeatedly and the only way we can do that if the postings are in anonymous mode, is to be able to link the anonymous posts of each user to the registered account.
Q & A Forum Expand All | Collapse All
1. I have used the Q & A forum to find the information I need but after three answers from doctors/professionals, nobody is answering me. What is the reason?
On the website, you may access for free basic and general information.  Additionally, through the Q & A forum, a certain basic set of questions and responses are provided for free.  During the Introductory period there are no limitations as to the number of responses you will get from Doctors / other professionals.  After the Introductory period you will get free responses only from 3 Doctors or 5 other mental health professionals.  Once the number of free answers are exhausted, our system automatically locks your question for responses, and you may get additional answers only upon availing a paid service.  For details of paid services available and to choose the one that best suits your requirements, click here
2. Lot of other patients/non professionals are answering my questions. I don't want that. Can I stop this?
In the Introductory period we will permit anyone to respond to your questions, since there is no limit to responses either in quantity or in type.  However, once the Introductory period expires, you will have the option of choosing not to have answers from non-mental healtchcare professionals and the system will automatically prevent them from answering you.
3. I don't want my questions or answers to be visible to others. How can I restrict view?
The Question and Answer forum is a public place.  All questions posted here and the answers to those questions are available as general information for everyone to see.  If you want privacy, and want to restrict others from viewing your questions or answers, you may select “anonymous mode” to conceal your identity, or choose any one of our paid services like email consultations or video consultations.
4. What is the time in which our questions are guaranteed to be answered?
If you are part of the members of the public using the Q & A forum freely, your question is guaranteed to be answered within 72 hours of the time stamp on your question.
5. What if it is not answered within 72 hours?
We will give you the choice of a consultation with a doctor of your choice or an email consultation.....COMPLETELY FREE!
6. What if I wanted to have a query answered faster?
You can use our email or video consultations which are paid services.
7. Is there a way I can get my queries in Q& A sessions answered faster without paying extra?
Yes, if you have purchased any subscription package, your queries will be answered within 48 hours of the time stamped on your query, this is a complimentary service which we offer our customers.
8. I have asked a question. How will I know when it is answered?
You need not keep visiting the website and monitoring your question to view answers.  Simply use the friendly “alert me when answered” option button when posting your question, and you will get an alert as soon as an answer is posted.
9. Can I choose both email and SMS alerts for alerting me when an answer is posted to my question?
At this moment no, but we expect to enable this functionality soon.  Keep checking!
10. Why is it that other people / non medical professionals or lay-persons are able to answer my questions?
There is a phrase in medicine - expert patient.  This  refers to a patient or carer or family member who has had to deal with things that might be similar to yours for a long time.  Sharing of such experiences may provide you with additional insight into your problem.  World over, such community sharing is encouraged as a good practice.  We however identify responses from experts such as doctors distinctly and make such identification visible to you  so that you know how seriously you can take each post.  Please be aware that any reliance on any post including that of an expert is purely and entirely at your own risk.  Read our terms of use for more detail, or contact us if you have questions.
11. Would that not mean that even inexperienced people can keep writing whatever they want?
It is quite normal for people to share experiences, and to understand others experiences with any medical condition.  This helps them relate to the condition, and understand managing the condition better, apart from comforting them to know they are not alone with such conditions. Medical practitioners see value in such sharing, and community building.  However, WE MAKE IT VERY CLEAR THAT NOTHING CONTAINED IN THIS WEBSITE BY WAY OF INFORMATION, ANSWERS, ADVICE ETC, UNLESS BY A PROFESSIONAL AFTER A THOROUGH INDIVIDUAL ASSESSMENT OF YOUR PROBLEM, SHOULD NOT BE SEEN AS REPLACING YOUR OWN DOCTOR/PSYCHIATRIST. THIS SERVICE,EXCEPT THE ACTUAL CONSULTATIONS WITH PSYCHIATRISTS, IS NOT SUPPOSED TO REPLACE YOUR DOCTOR/PSYCHIATRIST.  See our terms of use for more details

It is upto you to make all decisions with regards to your health, in consultations with appropriate health care professional and all the liabilities are with you, for all the decisions taken by you with regards to your health, except in cases of video consultations with psychiatrists who are able to treat you, both in terms of qualifications as well as license and regulatory conditions of practise of psychiatry in your country.
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